In Home Dog Training Raleigh NC

Group classes are filled with high stimuli and distractions which make it hard for Fido to focus

This is why we offer Private In Home Training Classes

In Home Dog TrainingAfter 9 weeks of age, the socialization period for dogs has ended. After this point it is about teaching your dog appropriate greeting behaviors and desensitizing him to noises, sounds, etc. Because of this one-on-one training our in home dog training class is by far the best way to train your dog. You and your dog will be much more comfortable in familiar surroundings, presenting a better opportunity to work on specific issues.

Sally Said So's personal training servicesAs we gain some understanding in the home, we will then venture out to public places to ensure your dog has an equal amount of focus on you, and self control around distractions, as he/she does at home. Our in home training courses use REAL LIFE situations and stimuli to teach you and your dog functional obedience that you will use long after the program has ended. From basic obedience, leash walking, dog reactivity, rushing the door, jumping on guests, riding in the car to any other goals you would like to achieve, we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your dog’s behavior. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable and confident that they can take their dogs ANYWHERE for the rest of their dog’s life. 

The process of setting up an in home dog training class with Sally Said so is simple and is made to work around your schedule! You will set up an appointment with Shane Gentry, Sally Said So’s licensed and experienced pet trainer. We have have a variety of appointment times including evenings and weeks so you can be sure that we can accommodate your schedule.

If an in home training class in not what you are looking for try checking out the rest of our dog training courses.

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