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Sally Said So Dog Training is proud to offer our services to Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Triad, Triangle and The Crystal Coast!

We are THE home of commitment-based dog training covering from The Crystal Coast to the Asheville mountains and St. Augustine. At Sally Said So we focus on more than your typical obedience, group classes and simple commands. Our professional dog trainers teach lifestyle training programs that are designed around your life, activity level and schedule. Our clients say that Sally Said So is the Best Dog Training in Raleigh because of the program’s attention to detail and personal touch.

You may have Googled “dog training near me” or “service dog training near me” etc. … and you have found the right place! Sally Said So provides in-home dog training programs fully customized to the needs of the dog and the owner.

You can feel at ease knowing we have the most experienced dog trainers.

We will gladly convene for a consultation where go over any issues you may be dealing with while also evaluating your pup and determining the next steps as far as methods and routine.

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The ASPCA estimates that 3.3 million dogs enter shelters in the United States each year, and approximately one-third of these dogs are surrendered by their owners (https://www.aspca.org/animal-homelessness/shelter-intake-and-surrender). There is a significant spike in owner surrender cases during the early months of the year, and it’s all thanks to the Christmas puppy craze.

Buying a loved one a puppy for Christmas may seem like a great idea. There isn’t much that can beat a child’s excitement—or really any dog-lover’s excitement—when they find a cute little fur ball waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning. With a bow on the collar and that new-puppy smell, the new addition promises a future of unconditional love and friendship.

However, the idea doesn’t always live up to the reality. Soon, the weight of responsibility sinks in, and the puppy’s true personality begins to show.

To help stem off impromptu puppy purchases around the holidays, many shelters and humane societies will encourage people to purchase a gift certificate instead. Who can blame them? After the 2017 holidays, one shelter in North Dakota received 700 pets while an adoption group in Texas received 400. Georgia and Pennsylvania shelters reported similar spikes in the same months https://www.peta.org/blog/shelters-full-unwanted-present-animals-after-holidays/

At Sally Said So! we believe Christmas puppies are perfectly fine as long as families take time to prepare. Purchasing a pet should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision. There needs to be a plan in place, and our Pre-Purchase Puppy Consultation Service should be a part of that plan.

Our experts are here to help make sure the dog or puppy you choose will complement your family’s dynamic and lifestyle. Can you accommodate a high-maintenance breed? How big will the puppy get? Have you thought of everything the puppy might need? Perhaps the biggest question is: are you prepared to tackle tough behavioral problems?

Behavioral problems are the number one reason puppies are dropped off or returned to shelters. The trainers at Sally Said So! can provide the most up-to-date advice and dog training resources to handle whatever curve ball your puppy decides to throw at you.

There aren’t many Christmas gifts that require a 10-20 year commitment, but you’ll find that a dog will absolutely give more than he receives. Just make sure your Christmas puppy isn’t grouped in with this year’s gift returns by preparing and taking advantage of our Pre-Purchase Puppy Consultation Service.

The trainers at Sally Said So! are waiting to help you welcome the newest member of your family this holiday season.

The Best Dog Trainers Raleigh Has To Offer

Shane Gentry – Owner of Sally Said So Dog Training

We offer a variety of professional dog training services, including:

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Anxiety Training
  • Dog Aggression Training
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Group Dog Training
  • Private In-Home Training
  • Behavior Modification Training
  • Expecting Mothers Canine Preparation
  • Pet First-Aid Classes
  • And More!

Sally Said So Professional Dog Training is Fear Free Certified.

Obedience Instructors: We Can Help!

Dog Aggression Training

We find out what is causing your dog to behave this way and use a very strict program to make your furry friend happier.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

The purpose of the Canine Good Citizen Program is to ensure that our favorite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community because it has been trained to be well behaved.

Puppy Training

Our puppy training program is designed with dog behavior in mind. We understand that these puppy months are critical in your dog’s long-term behavioral development.

Dog Anxiety Training

Just like humans, dogs have anxiey…either separation or the fear of the unknown. Our methods and techniques will teach your pup to be more comfortable.

Sally Said So hits the news about what to do during the PETDEMIC

5 On Your Side helps stop a 'petdemic' :: WRAL.com

They're at your feet while you work. With the kids while they play, and probably getting extra pats, treats and walks right now. "The dog thinks it's great. We're, 'hey I get to play with my dog all day,' but there's this underlying thing going on between the human and the dog and that's, yeah ...

Pet-demic: How to deal with separation anxiety in pets as pandemic restrictions ease

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed pet owners a chance to be home much more with their pets and many used the time home as an opportunity to adopt an animal.

Dog trainers help owners address separation anxiety amid 'petdemic'

Dog owners say their furry friends love them constantly being at home amid this pandemic, but some are worried how dogs will react when social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders are no more. Pets have no idea of the coronavirus pandemic, so Sally Said So!


Our technique is simple and gets the job done. We actually come into your home and set up your place to be successful. Every week we come with packets to follow so there is no question as to what you should be doing. We make sure your pup is set up for success. During the training, we teach everything from different areas of the house so they will be trusted. We make them earn their freedom back. It sounds strict, but honestly, the dogs love it, they get lots of love attention, training and treats. They also get exercise and a routine which takes anxiety down and happiness up. When dogs know exactly what you want of them, your home is a lot happier and the dog is comfortable in their own skin, leaving the “bad” behaviors in the past.

Dog Training Tip:

Dog’s are present animals. They can only be taught NOT to do something while IN THE ACT of doing it. Their short memory span is so short that if you try to address the problem even minutes later, they won’t know why you are doing what you are doing. It’s super important that when training dogs, you have them watched or on the leash at all times so they get into a routine, are corrected when offering unwanted behaviors and praised when they make the right choices.

It takes baby steps to teach them everything you need them to know and everything you DON’T want them to do. Dog are animals, they have NO CLUE what “no” means. They have no idea what you want from them and they certainly don’t come knowing the rules, how to be potty trained, where they can sleep, not sleep or not to touch the garbage. You should never assume that dogs should JUST KNOW. They don’t unless you take the time to teach them.


Different Kinds of Dog Training
Dogs have many options when it comes to learning so we offer several dog training programs. Many will learn basic etiquette for spending time with family, and other dogs may learn the skills required for service work, such as search and rescue work. There are various types of training for dogs based on the needs of the owner and dog.

If you have a new pup, Sally Said So puppy classes are the ultimate way to socialize your puppy to other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment. Our classes teach you how to raise a confident, joyful dog with a focus on fear prevention. These classes are great fun for you and your pup!

Here are some different kinds of dog training programs that are available.

Behavioral training
Behavioral training is any type of training that teaches dogs how to behave correctly around people and other animals. This type of training is ideal for aggressive dog behavior. Although it won’t be cured in one day, there are loads of steps you can take to ward off the aggressive behavior and keep your dog calm. It may include some basic commands, but the end goal is to make them good citizens as dogs. Most of this training may deal with behavioral problems like chewing, excessive barking, jumping on people, biting, or housebreaking. The first step toward eliminating this behavior is to understand what’s causing the dog’s aggressive behavior with dog aggression training. For example, many dogs will growl when someone approaches them while they’re chewing or eating a bone, Others will react aggressively toward strangers or children. This is also a very common type of training that is appropriate for younger pups that are just getting started. It is best to get puppies trained right away, before bad habits are developed.
How to Stop Aggression
Marking down when your dog’s behavior becomes aggressive and the conditions surrounding the behavior plays a major role in shaping your next course of action. There are numerous ways you can manage the aggression and help your dog stay calm, but it will take consistency, time, and potentially the help of a dog training professional
Obedience training
Dog obedience training is focused on making dogs obedient to their owners using commands like lie down, sit, or stay, etc. It is a little more advanced than the behavioral training, but it will most likely include some training to fix any behavioral problems before they come up. This type of training is very appropriate for younger puppies.
Vocational or Service Dog Training
Dogs can learn a wide variety of skills just like humans. There are some dogs that learn how to hunt, heard, assist the disabled, do search and rescue work, or even work with law enforcement. This is the ultimate choice for off leash k9 training. These learned skills are like vocational training for dogs because it means that they will have a career helping people in one way or another. With these programs, dogs learn specific techniques to hone their senses and communicate with humans, but the programs are also tough and time-consuming. Any type of vocational training for dogs would assume that they have a solid foundation in terms of their basic skills. Also, some of these programs are suited for specific breeds as well.
What sets us apart from other obedience trainers?

Here at Sally Said So we help build a strong relationship between dogs and their owners. Our goal is that you will never need another dog trainer after working with us. We make sure that not only the dog is getting trained, but the owner is too! Sally Said So understands the important role that owners play, and we make it a top priority to give our dog owners the knowledge and skills they need to have a well trained, happy dog.

If you have a dog area struggling with behavioral issues or who could benefit from any of our offered programs, give Sally Said So a call today!

We are excited to help bring behavioral balance to your dog’s life – in turn making your life easier.

Sally Said So is also AKC CGC certificated. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Change is possible with Sally Said So!

What Our Customers Say!

This company has incredible, dedicated and professional trainers. They are patient and kind and I would highly recommend them!!
Gina-Maria Pomann

These people speak a dogs language. Amazing results. Wish I could give more than 5 stars !
Bill yukon Hockenbury

Awesome! I needed help with some bad behavior my rescue dog was exhibiting and they were extremely helpful.
Falls Creek Farm

Shane and his trainers are absolutely AMAZING! My family loved learning how to train our puppy, and the puppy responded surprisingly well!
Jai Dollie

I worked with Shane personally, and he was so amazing! Since he has had a hand in everyone’s training at Sally Said So, I have no doubt that the rest of their team is equally amazing! Our training focused on reducing my dogs’ anxiety, and now doing activities with them is 100% a more enjoyable experience!
Sarah Whitley

I highly recommend Sally Said So. Shane and his colleagues taught me tips after I started fostering a dog from a Humane Society that had been at the shelter for most of his life. I honestly didn’t think this dog could be helped but with tips and patience, the dog is well behaved now and will never have go back to a shelter again. Thank you so much! What seemed impossible has actually been a success story!
Ken Matthews

Puppy Training and why it’s important to start early.

Puppies hardly retain anything at such a young age, but with consistency they will eventually learn. One of the things we have found is that when you limit their freedom, they are more prone to taking on things and learning fast.

It’s important to watch their behaviors and look for any aggression or anxiety before it becomes second nature. All dogs need a leader and at this young age, they yearn for it even if they don’t know it. We do puppy training or puppy preschool. 🙂

This is the stage where they use their teeth to explore, to play and to express dominance. This is also the stage that when things happen, it could stick with them forever. Puppies need to be socialized immediately after they get their vaccines in order to get used to loud noises, other people, other dogs and even cats. If you don’t take this step, life can get pretty hard for you and your pup in the future. Puppies are a lot of responsibility and lot’s needs to be done in the early years. We can help. Call us for a consultation or a schedule of classes.

Sally Said So now covers the following areas in North Carolina: Crystal Coast, Triangle, Triad, Charlotte, Asheville



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