Group Dog Training Classes Near Me

Group dog training classes are held regularly throughout the year in the Triangle, Triad, Crystal Coast, and Charlotte areas.

These obedience classes are a perk of our Trainer On Retainer Program and Priority Program. Group class covers basic obedience, intermediate obedience, advanced obedience, Canine Good Citizen skills, and more. 

We have three styles of group training classes to ensure your success

Civil Citizens

This course is structured with 8 individual classes, each with their own curriculum, to take what your dog has learned in your private sessions and apply them to 10 critical skills that will ensure your dog is a “civil citizen” in the real world. Once your dog has mastered the skills, you will have an opportunity to test for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. These skills are great for all ages — whether you have a young pup or older adult. Our goal is to help your dog be the best dog possible. 

Here are the 10 basic skills you can expect to cover in Civil Citizens class:

  1. Your dog staying calm as people approach you
  2. Your dog staying calm as people greet them
  3. Your dog calmly allowing someone to groom their feet and body
  4. Your dog staying engaged and easily following you on a leash
  5. Your dog calmly walking past other people
  6. Your dog staying calm as you approach someone with another dog
  7. Your dog responding to “sit,” “down,” and “stay” with ease
  8. Your dog recalling back to you when asked (aka come when called)
  9. Your dog responding appropriately to a sudden noise and movement
  10. Your dog staying with a trusted individual for a few minutes while you go out of sight

Calm Canines

If your dog needs some exposure to others in a calm, structured manner, Calm Canines Class is the one for you. This small group meets regularly to give you an opportunity to practice obedience around other dogs and people in a calm manner. Expect to practice “down,” “stay,” and “focus” command during class. We strongly encourage you bring a comfortable chair for yourself and a cot, blanket, or mat for your dog to settle on. The class helps any dogs working through reactive or overexcited behaviors. 

Fun Class

This class has a flexible curriculum that includes trick training, scent work, obstacle courses, and more. There will be opportunities to practice skills that lead to advanced obedience titles such as the AKC’s Community Canine and Urban CGC. We encourage all our clients to attend these classes. It’s fun to get the creative juices flowing whether you are a client working on basic obedience or are one of our working therapy dog or service dog teams. If your dog needs some extra mental stimulation, you’ll want to bring them to fun class. 

What sets Sally Said So’s Group Training Classes apart from other group obedience training programs?

Most group classes fail because they take dogs out of their comfort zones too soon, they fail to train around real world distractions, and don’t empower owners to handle behavioral problems on their own.

We aren’t just teaching sit, down, stay, come, and heel—like most— we are teaching you, as the owner, how to properly deliver these commands so you feel confident, comfortable, and in control at all times.

Our dog obedience classes primarily use positive reinforcement techniques and training methods. Whether you’re looking for puppy class or beginner class, we can help you with your training or socialization needs. 

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