Success Stories – What Clients Think About Sally Said So


“June 28, 2012 My wife and I hire Shane to help us with our German Shepherd / Husky puppy several months ago. He proved that he is very knowledgeable in training dogs, and their owners in how to effectively communicate with each other. 
He not only loves animals but is very compassionate and understanding with people, as well. I definitely plan to work with Shane in the future as far as more advanced levels of training for our dog.
Shane is very active in the community and reaches out to town organizations
and pet programs so that pets are not only well trained, but are good members of the community.
I highly recommend Shane to all dog ‘parents’
that I know.
– Jeff Cooper (former client)


“After only a few weeks on your training program, Shayna has been transformed. Not only does she obey every command we give her, she is awesome on the leash, she can walk by other dogs now without a glance, and she has completely stopped chasing the cat. She can lie down next to another dog and relax in the afternoon sun while we chat with friends.
It’s really unbelievable.”
– Wendy (former client)


“Last night, I held my dog in one arm, and my cat in the other arm, and it was just fine. I couldn’t believe it – a miracle!”
– Lacy and Josh (former clients)


“Three days before we had an appointment to put our dog down for aggression we met you for a consultation after our vet referred you to us.
After you met Sweetie, you assured us that she was not hopeless, in fact she simply needed your obedience program. The next day we cancelled our appointment at the vet’s office and we are glad we did.
Although there is still work to be done, Sweetie’s behavior and our confidence has improved 110%! You trusted Sweetie when everyone else had given up on her, including us!
You continue to support us when we doubt our ability. Thank you!”
– Shirley C (former client) blockquote>


“Duke & Bella both were a handful to control. Bella is deaf and had aggression issues and Duke is just plain hyper.
[You] addressed all of our concerns and was always available through phone or email to help us between sessions.
We get tons of compliments from friends, family and even strangers while we are on walks impressed with their behavior.”
– Joey and Karen C. (former clients)


“In the short time I have known him, he has proven himself worthy to me and fellow members of the rescue group I volunteer with. He has, on more than one occasion, met either myself or a foster at their home, boarding facility or at our adoption site, to evaluate a questionable canine.
Each time, he has proven himself to be very knowledgeable of a dogs behavior and been very patient with the dogs. I have seen him take a dog that had zero leash manners and no desire to listen to the foster, and within 5 minutes of spending time with Shane, the dog was walking appropriately on leash, sitting on command and taking a treat gently.
The positive, relaxed energy he gives off towards the dogs I have seen him work with will definitely play a positive role in any certification he gets.
I would and have recommended Shane Gentry to anyone I know of that is having any type of behavioral or training issues with their furry family member.”
– Becky Hochman (former client)


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