Have you ever bought a clothing item only to take it home and have it live in your closet for the next year? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. We’ve all made impulse buys, and they all seemed like a good idea at the time.

In the big scheme of things, buying a shirt you’ll never wear isn’t a big deal. The shirt doesn’t mind if it’s never worn. When an impulse buy involves an animal, however, buyer’s remorse becomes a much bigger problem.

Sally Said So! now offers a Pre-Purchase/Adoption Consultation service. Too often, we get a call about a dog that just isn’t a good fit for the family. We can train them so that they mesh better, but consulting an expert before they committed to their pup could have saved those families time, money, and a number of emotional roller coaster rides.

However, the worst scenario is when we don’t get a call for help. Some pet owners realize they are in over their heads, and instead of reaching out, they send their dog to a shelter—just like they might take that shirt to Goodwill. What happens then? The dog might get adopted by someone else, and hopefully that someone else will be a good fit. Or…they might not.

Of the 4.3 million dogs and cats that entered a shelter in 2020, 83% were saved—347,000 were euthanized.

No one wants to be responsible for adding to that number. Sally Said So! is dedicated to matching families with the right dog for their environment and lifestyle.

This issue becomes especially relevant during the holiday season. Christmas puppies seem like a great idea, but you have to understand that you are giving the recipient more than a simple present. You are giving them a 15+ year commitment. You wouldn’t jump into a fifteen-year relationship with a stranger; don’t do it (or ask a friend/child to do it) with a strange dog!

Your Pre-Purchase/Adoption Consultation with Sally Said So! includes:

  • An interview (in-person or via Zoom)
  • Breed suggestions, based on the results of the interview
  • Pet options through a vetted, reputable breeder or a rescue (We also check the dog’s temperament before we connect you!)
  • A pre-arrival environment setup service and consultation

We are so passionate about this program that we are willing to waive the $275 fee for the program if you commit to our trainer on retainer program. This is a great opportunity to ensure your dog’s basic obedience training, house training, and acclimation to the new environment run smoothly.

According to a 2018 study by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, the top reasons for a dog’s surrender are:

  1. Family is moving
  2. Landlord doesn’t allow a pet
  3. Too many animals in the household
  4. Pet maintenance is too costly
  5. Personal issues
  6. Inadequate facilities
  7. No room for littermates
  8. No time for pet
  9. Pet illness
  10. Pet aggression

We would take most of the items on this list into account during your interview. We ask about stability, the number of pets you have, your work schedule, and ensure you’re aware of the cost of keeping a dog. These questions aren’t to discourage anyone from purchasing or adopting a dog. Our only goal is to ensure we find the right dog for you.

If you’re away from home during the day, a puppy with a tiny bladder might not work for you. If you already have a dog, you’ll want to make sure the new dog is comfortable with other animals. If you’re on a budget, you might want to stay away from high-maintenance breeds.

Getting a dog is supposed to be fun. Let the professionals at Sally Said So! take care of all the details and put your mind at ease with our Pre-Purchase/Adoption Consultation service. We’ll make sure the relationship you have with your dog is full of joy and lasts a lifetime.

Contact us for more information at 919-427-4775.